New Music by Danny Weinkauf : “No School Today”

I can remember the first time I gave my mom a lame excuse for missing school.  I believe I woke up sweaty, feverish, a tad nauseous, and completely unable to attend 3rd Grade.

Two hours later, I was driving my Barbie around the living room in her Corvette without any hint of a temperature, and ate my grilled turkey sandwich without a hitch.

To say I got busted would be an understatement.

Once my parents sniffed out I was perfectly fine, I got an earful, along with my Barbie privileges taken away.

Calling in sick to school or work when you’re really not is something that probably everyone has attempted at some point.  So, naturally, that topic is perfect fodder for a children’s music song, and Danny Weinkauf has stepped up the plate to deliver an album that’s perfect for both sick and healthy days.

Danny Weinkauf, best known for his work as a bassist for They Might Be Giants, is personally responsible for the  awesome “I Am a Paleontologist” on TMBG’s album Here Comes Science.

NoSchoolToday 300dpi 150x150 New Music by Danny Weinkauf : “No School Today”He has an impressive list of song-writing credits for television, commercials, and film.  And now he can add solo children’s music album to his list of credits.  No School Today will be released on April 29th.

Weinkauf’s album feels like a relative of his work with They Might Be Giants but taken many steps further.  His sound makes me think of my college days, spent listening to Robyn Hitchcock (and NOT skipping class, I should say, in case my mother is reading this) with it’s rock-pop tunes and driving, “stick with you” melodies.  Reason enough to make this album a hit with both parents and children, alike.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Marsupial”, with its groovy baseline and syncopated chorus.  Another favorite is “Ballad of Ben”, a tribute to the artistic genius of Ben Folds with Folds-like “soft punk” and sophisticated piano-work.

Weinkauf wrote “Archaeology” as a follow up to the popular “I Am a Paleontologist” because fans often confused the two fields when approaching him.  The song has a very Elvis Costello feel, and explains what an archaeologist does, much like his take on paleontology.

Beloved children’s musician Laurie Berkner lends her distinctive voice to “Our Love Fits.”  This tune shows off Weinkauf’s sharp wit and humor, and Berkner and Weinkauf’s vocals go together, so the song says, like “the Mia to the Farrow.”

“No School Today” is an alternative rock list of ailments to skip school, with a great beat and lyrics that force you to bob your head in both rhythm and familiarity.

Danny Weinkauf premiered the video for this song last week, and I’m hooked! My first thought was remembering those cult classic sock puppets .  Anyone?

But I digress.  Check out this awesome video!

“Ice Cream” starts by doing it’s due diligence in touting the nutritional benefits of healthy eating, then confesses the truth that most of us know too well:  ice cream just tastes better.  The slightly-punk “The Moon is Made of Cheese” is a theory that would make Neil DeGrasse Tyson quiver in his shoes.  And “The Kidney That Lived in Four People”, featuring Hank Green, closes the album with lyrics based on a true story of one kidney that was donated many times over.

No School Today also includes interjects short and sweet tunes in to the mix, with the quirky “Whipped Cream” (a list of favorite treats with a funky backbeat), “Hey!” (the leadoff song to the album), “Oh No Oh Yeah”  and “Lullaby for Quinn.”

Danny Weinkauf’s son Kai sings lead vocals on many songs on the album, including “Champion of the Spelling Bee”, “Ambivalent”(a song for flip-floppers, short and to the point) and “Cast My Vote.” He also sings lead on the most mellow tune of the album, “Together We Can Fly” and while Kai’s voice is unique and fitting, I would have liked to hear Danny’s take on this one.

Whether you’re home with that “nasty cough” you’ve called in sick with, or alive and well and looking for music to dance with your kids in the kitchen to, Danny Weinkauf’s No School Today is sure to cure what ails you.

For a limited time only, you can access a FREE song download of the song “No School Today” by going HERE.

Danny Weinkauf’s No School Today will be available on iTunes and Amazon on April 29th, but  because I adore this album so much, I’m giving one away to a lucky reader who can give me the best No School Today excuse!  C’mon, let’s here them! What is the silliest/funniest/most creative tactic you’ve either used or heard for skipping school?

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter widget below, leaving a comment and doing a couple of social media things, by 11:59pm on Friday, April 18th.  Open to anyone 18 and over in the contiguous United States.

Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear what excuses you have!

TMBG on Kid Tune Tuesday…

ktt2 TMBG on Kid Tune Tuesday...

Good ole They Might Be Giants. Or as they’re hipply known, TMBG. Funny how I listened to them in high school and college, and now here they are, still making songs I want to listen to. Yet, my kids can listen to them too! Now, don’t get me wrong. Before I knew they were making kid albums, I compiled a CD of my favorite TMBG songs that I thought were appropriate for Mr. B, and we listened to that thing until it kicked the bucket. Songs like “Birdhouse In Your Soul,” “Particle Man,” “Women and Men,” and “Doctor Worm.”

Their last kid CD, Here Comes Science has some great tunes on it, like the adorably fun “Electric Car” and “Meet the Elements.” But the most popular one has got to be “I am a Paleontologist.” Geared towards that demographic that Mr. B fits so neatly in – the 4-6 year old circuit of dinosaur lovers. It’s a catchy tune that has a bit of an edginess to it. Like you could mosh to it. Do they still mosh these days?

And the results:

MR B:  Look, Mom, I’m a dancing bone! four%20sippy%20cup TMBG on Kid Tune Tuesday...  
MISS P:  Meh, it’s alright…  three%252520sippy%252520cup TMBG on Kid Tune Tuesday...