Halfway Bringing It…

Two months ago, I completed my first round of P90X. It felt great. I felt strong, solid, and a tiny bit tighter.

That was two months ago. I’ve fallen off the wagon and need to get back on. Yet, I have ZERO motivation. Every now and then, I will put in a DVD and workout during Miss P’s nap, usually one of the cardio sessions. But I can’t seem to find my groove. That six days a week workout thing? I’m not sure why I could manage it for three months, but can’t seem to do it once a week now. I KNOW that getting moving would improve my mood dramatically. Not to mention help out my self esteem. I have no more excuses now. The kids parties are all done, so there’s no planning to use as a way out. Summer is approaching, which means pasty legs in shorts and skirts. But it also means having Mr. B home during nap time. My workout time.

It’s time to draft a plan. First and foremost? Watching what I eat. Goodness, I feel like I’ve ballooned. Even though I’m only four pounds above where I feel comfortable, those four pounds make the difference between sliding easily in to pants, or having to wiggle them over certain areas and leave the house feeling like my pants are a sausage casing.  Hopefully I can come in here and post my success (see?  Attempting to be Positive!) and hold myself accountable.

What’s your tactic for dealing with an older, non-napping sibling, while one still naps and you’re trying to accomplish something? I’m not wanting to default to television babysitters, so I’ll take whatever you can give.


  1. My oldest is 10, so we enforce reading time, but you could always enforce “hobby time”- if your kiddo likes to color, get him a special sketch pad that is JUST for those times you need to workout. Or maybe toys JUST for that time. Whatever it is, make it special so he looks forward to that time, too.

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  3. Sorta – Mr. B is only 5 and has just started to read, so I don’t know if he could sustain reading time for 45min or so. But I do like the special sketch pad idea!

    Kelly – will do!

  4. Yay! Good for you. I worked out everyday this week to lower my stress. Smiles. Thanks for stopping by, following your blog back. Smiles.

  5. I love this post! I too have found working out to be a great stress reliver I have also fallen off the wagon of going to the gym – the kids being sick, meeting to attend, me not feeling well, it’ raining, the computer’s calling me – you get the idea! 5 is a tough age becasue they are old enough for a little self – entertainment but they are also old enough to get into trouble if they are bored! Is it possible to change your work-out time, or even better does he have a freind that he could have a play date with and then you could reciprocate to give that mom a minute of peace? Just a thought. Thanks so much for finding me so that I could find you! I’m now a happy follower!

  6. Hey, thanks for folloooowwwwiinnng!! Sadly I’ve given in to the muffin top, we are one.

  7. I feel ya! I have resolved to make sure I walk briskly at least 5 times a week for at least 20 min. Better than not! I’m chasing 2 year old twins the rest of the time. Either I take them out in the jogging stroller or get on the treadmill during nap. I’m in hopes that this will make a difference.
    Kathy, I too have muffin topped but have yet to surrender to it!
    New follower via GFC, love to have you follow back.
    Janice @ MommaWords.com

  8. My daughter has that P90x program and I hear it is very demanding.
    As for what I use to do to entertain children that didn’t nap? I guess it depends on the age put mine use to sit at the table with a craft that would keep them busy and easy enough to do where they didn’t call me over to help.
    Have a great weekend.
    I’m not on a hop. I’ve been here before and just decided to stop in and pay you a visit. :)

  9. Self Sagacity – Good for you for working out this week! Me? I’m 0 for 7. ugh…

    Kathy – I’ve tried working out at night…so hard! By the time I’m done, it’s time for bed. But perhaps I need to do that. Getting up earlier isn’t really a good option, because the kids sniff out my alarm and always wake up 5min before the alarm goes off! It’s a work-in-progress… I like the playdate switch idea!

    Mrs Tuna – thanks for stopping by! Me? Me and the pear-shaped bottom are dear old friends…

    Janice – wow, twins. Standing up and clapping for you! I’ve been trying to sneak in lunges and stuff while I’m getting ready. Thanks for stopping by and following along!

    Hi Grace! The program was pretty intense, and I liked that. But now it feels hard to get back in to. For certain workouts, I think that Mr. B might actually like to do them with me. But at >2% on the growth chart, I’m not sure it’s a good idea! Have a great weekend!

  10. Anonymous says:

    At least you´re only 4 pounds above…. I´m like 30!!! And can´t see to get myself to go to the gym even though I enrolled, there´s always something more “important” to do…
    Why don´t you excersice with your kid?? Tell him he´s your trainer or something of the sort jejeje
    Visiting from VoiceBok

  11. Good for you for giving the weight a fight. I can’t wait to see the progress!!
    As for the older sibling,, I tell my oldest that she doesn’t have to sleep, but she has to have quiet time in her room.. I give her some books, a couple of toys, and shut her door. More often than not, she is sound asleep when I got to tell her that she can come out! Good luck with everything!
    Sarah~ http://not-so-silent-mommy.blogspot.com

  12. My Oldest has stopped taking naps as of the past few months. At first it was really hard for me because I work from home during their naps! I finally figured out things to keep her mind working without turning on the tv. I put out some watercolors and plain paper and let her do her thing. Playdough is a huge time-saver. I bought the 24 pack and a bunch of plastic cookie cutters and let her go crazy. Rice buckets are always fun. She really enjoys splashing in water buckets too. You can also find books with cds at the library and turn that on. Good luck! -Becky from VB


  13. Following you! Love the blog!


  14. Stop over to our new group on Voiceboks, it is called Losing Weight Together. We can share tips, recipes, and give each other support while we are trying to lose the weight! Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  15. My baby is 31, giggle! I think I’d like to look into the P90X. Hang in there, you’ll get motivated again..Sorry I have to leave this comment using my other blog, ( blogger isn’t working) Thank you for extending your friendship at VB. Hugs, Katherine http://giftsbykatherine.com

  16. Lolo – I think I can workout with Mr. B if I’m doing weight training or something, but the cardio stuff is a little harder.

    Sarah – we USED to do quiet time, but now that he has been going to school during nap time for the last 9 months, it’s really hard to get him back in to it. And if he DOES happen to fall asleep? Bedtime is horrid! We’ll figure it out though…

    NYOA – OK, I feel like an idiot, but what is a rice bucket? Luckily, Mr. B has started figuring out how to read a little, so we might try some activities.

    Brittany – thanks for following along!

    Lisa – I’ll stop on over! Thanks – have a great weekend too!

    Katherine – I do have to say, while it’s hard at first, the program is nice. I probably would have had better results if I had followed the nutrition guide, though.

  17. Bring it Girl!!! You are awesome! I am still trying to get myself motivated to do my first round of P90X! I planned to start it last May (yep, May 2010!) But then found out I was pregnant… and I thought for sure I’d be doing it by now. But alas, I am still too tired to even attempt.
    Don’t beat yourself up too much. You got through it once – that is amazing! You will do it again! I think Spring always just has so much stuff going on we all let things slip a little.
    Nena @ NaturallyNena

  18. Honestly who has time to workout 6 days a week?!? You should try my workout, it’s called “Eat what you want and stay sexy plan” though after 7 years there’s no visible results I’m sure I’ve lost an inch around my head, but I guess that was due to a recent hair cut…

  19. When you figure out how to motivate yourself to exercise once a week, LET ME KNOW. I know I should, and there are things I like to do to exercise.. but meh.

    Thanks for the comment over at my blog!

  20. Oh I have this same problem! Well except I have not completed p90x. I want to, but can’t spend the money on the DVDs. I just need to find some motivation to work out at all!!

  21. Finding motivation and time are the toughest, but I think if you keep working at it long term, even fitting in small amounts of exercise here and there, it’s better than nothing, and still counts over time. My sister does activities with her kids that are exercise for her at the same time, like running up the hills at the park, etc. Could you do a workout with your older one together somehow?
    Stopping in from VB:)

  22. Hmm… I’m right there with you Gina. I have horrible pain on my right arm from my carpal tunnel. In fact, it hurts to even write this comment!!! I started yoga again for the first time yesterday and I think it kind of helped me just a little bit. I can at least not want to scream when I move my hand certain ways. Also, I’m gaining quite a bit of weight and feel about as heavy as I was when I was pregnant.

    Maybe we all have to make a schedule or something. I know Lisa started a weight loss group. Have you joined? I think we should all write down a scheduled workout for every day. Oooh!!! I know! If you write a blog about it, then you would HAVE to do it every day!!! Yes!! I think I’ll start one too! My own weight loss program! I’ll start Tuesday cause tomorrow’s Memorial Day and I have to eat.

    Anyway, hope you’re well.

    Take care!


  23. Nena – maybe we can do a round together? Find a start date that works for us and check in? Whaddya think?

    Rachel – that’s hilarious! I like to joke sometimes that NOT working out is just a way to maintain my curves…

    Lindsay – I know. The choice between doing things that need to get done, or sweating then having to shower…usually doing things wins.

    Atlanta – I’m trying to set small goals – eat one less snack a day, work in 15 push ups, a couple of squats, etc. Just that little much has made a difference!

    Mommy LaDy Club – yep, that’s what I’ve resigned myself to doing, small things whenever I can, rather than trying to fit in a whole hour workout in one sitting. I think now that the weather is warming up, it will make things easier.

    Lexie – Yoga is good for tension release too! I haven’t joined Lisa’s weight group yet, but will do that now. I’m “on vacation” right now though, and considering a wolfed down two brownies a few minutes ago, I’ll start on Tuesday as well!

  24. I totally feel ya! I was doing GREAT last year, and since December I’ve packed on 30 lbs. I started my P90X journey last week. PA-LEEEZE God, let me stay motivated.

    Usually when I feel lazy, I look in the mirror, push suck my chin and and say…”Another 20lbs and you’ll look like your mother!” Now that’s motivation for me!

    Good Luck!

  25. Good Luck!! I run, and can do that regularly, and am fine with that. But watching what I eat, and doing anything else (ab work, weights anything), is like pulling teeth. From January to March I was awesome – I was on track and nothing could stop me. Then we went on vacation, and have never gotten back on track. Something needs to change!

  26. Sharon – so, week 2, huh? Are you doing classic or lean? I might try doing a watered down version of the classic next week.

    Erin – thanks! I WISH I ran. I ran before I had my first baby, but it’s just too hard on my body these days, especially with the dancing I’m doing now.


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