A Mother’s Day Playlist

Hey Dads out there, this one is for you. (Okay, Mom’s, you can certainly read this too!)

Are you looking for a super sweet gift idea for Mother’s Day? (Ahem…in case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY, May 11th). Well, if you haven’t helped your kids with gift ideas, and want to avoid the barren Mother’s Day aisle at Target, I’ve got something that will make you the Winner of Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother's Day Playlist

My good friends over at Sugar Mountain PR have put together an awesome, and I do mean AWESOME playlist of some amazing family musicians. And they’re letting you download it, for free.

That’s right. FREE. Get your CD burner ready, download this fantastic playlist, and give the gift of music this year. With heart-tugging tunes by some of my favorite musicians like Danny Weinkauf, Suzi Shelton, and The Okee Dokee Brothers, the mother in your family is sure to be touched by this musical gesture.

Here’s the complete list of participating artists and their song contributions:

The Not-Its • “Motorcycle Mom”

Lisa Loeb • “No Fairy Tale”

Brady Rymer • ”Ice Cream Girl” and “Red Piano Rag”

Danny Weinkauf (with Laurie Berkner) • “Our Love Fits”

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band • “Tu Eres Amor”

Suzi Shelton • “Mama’s House, Daddy’s House” and “Smile In My Heart”

Zee Avi • “Mockingbird”

The Okee Dokee Brothers • ”Black Bear Mama”

I know…right?  Pretty great roundup of artists and songs, if you ask me.  Consider it my Mother’s Day gift to all of you fellow Mom’s, Mama’s, Mommy’s, and Mami’s out there.

Want to take advantage of this perfect Mother’s Day gift?  You can download these songs here:



Happy Mother’s Day!

Day for moms…

First off, let me just wish all of you moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you’re spending you day just the way you want to!

Me?  I got to sleep in until 9:00!  Jon and the kids ran out and bought my favorite, high sugar breakfast – cinnamon rolls from Duffeyroll, I played a rousing round of Hiding Kitty Cats/Let’s Pretend to Sleep/We’re on a Boat in my bed with the kids after they scarfed down half of my breakfast, and now I’m alone in a wonderfully quiet house while Jon took the kids to the grocery store. 

Isn’t it funny how satisfying, yet lonely, a house can be without the kids in it?  I feel guilty that I’m not with them, yet also guilty for enjoying my alone time.  Ah, Mother’s Guilt.

Seriously, though, my life would not be the same without those two turkeys, and as much as I’d like to think sometimes that it would be quieter, it certainly wouldn’t be happier.  Thanks, Mr. B and Miss P, for making me a Mother.  I love you…