Buyer’s remorse…

While cleaning out the kids’ closets the other day, I found the LEGO City photo of the gigantic police station that Mr. B carried around for months, staring at it so intensely that as if by mere will he could force that picture to come to life. Timing wise, it was perfect, as Santa had just plunked a large chuck of cash down for this 700+ piece of LEGOs a few days before.  When Mr. B came home from school, I showed him what I had found, and our disappointing discussion went something like this:

ME:  B, look, I found your photo of the LEGO city!
B:  Oh…
ME:  That’s pretty cool, right?
B:  I don’t really like that anymore. (insert panicked silence from Mommy)
ME: (Fuck.  Fucking fuck.) Why not?
B:  I dunno, I just don’t want it anymore.
ME:  Not even if Santa gave it to you?
B:  Meh…I like Star Wars LEGOs more now.

Well….shit.  Now what do I do?  I’m thinking Santa will just bite the bullet and give it to Mr. B anyway, despite B having asked Santa for something entirely different a few days ago.  But that conversation totally stomped my buzz.  I was sooooo excited about this gift, and now it may bust.   

Have you ever experienced anything like this?  What did you do?