80′s Song Or Something Kids Say?

80's song

Last week, as the kids were knee-deep in a standoff, my daughter yelled something at her brother that gave me pause.

“You can’t touch this!”

Immediately, I felt the impulse to shuffle from side to side in a pair of billowy satin parachute pants.

Which got me thinking.  I know, that’s dangerous when it happens, but hear me out.

As a child of the 80’s, those songs were my anthems.  My battle cries.  The soundtrack to my middle- and high-school years.

And now, decades later, my kids say so many things on a daily basis that sound lifted right out of the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie.  You could probably supply a preschooler’s daily vocabulary solely on 80’s song titles.

For instance:

80's kids

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

A request from Sting, or a preschooler who values personal space?

“Can’t Touch This”

A cry for personal property retention or a memorable and catchy tune from M.C. Hammer?

“We Didn’t Start the Fire”

Billy Joel song, or denial that any wrongdoing from young hands has taken place?

“You Spin Me Round”

A hit from Dead or Alive, or the constant request to get grabbed by the arms and twirled around?

“Need You Tonight”

The quintessential nightmare plea or an INXS song?

“Don’t You Forget About Me”

Have you heard this in a Michael Anthony Hall movie, or at drop off from your 4 year-old?

“Pretty in Pink”

The way a little girl feels draped in head-to-toe fushia colored garments, or the theme song to the movie of the same name by the Psychadelic Furs?

“Bring Da Noise”

Rally cry from rap legends Public Enemy, or rally cry from a bounce house full of toddlers?

“Here I Go Again”

The declaration just before your toddler repeats his “you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him” head butt, or a light-rock ditty by Whitesnake?

“Catch Me I’m Falling”

A bubbly pop song from Pretty Poison, or the warning yell from your over-adventurous kid on the playground?


Perhaps as you read these, some other gems came to mind.  If so, I’d love to hear them! It’s pretty fun to think about, and once you start, you can’t stop!  Drop them in the comments and let’s make a new list.

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  1. I love this!!! Of course now every time my kids say |”don’t touch this” without singing!! Great post!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted…I Get By with a Little Help from My FriendsMy Profile

  2. So cute.


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