So much for not worrying…

Here I go again, ignoring my own initiative.  As I type this, my 5-year old is laying in bed with a 103 fever, having received his final immunizations for DtaP and something else this morning.  I’m really hoping that the fever is just a side effect, that the ibuprofen I forced down his gullet before bed will help him immensely, and that all will be back to normal in the morning.  Poor guy.  I could tell when I picked him up from camp that he just wasn’t right.  He was limping slightly and didn’t want to walk.  Fast forward to him coming home from t-ball practice and he was a quiet, lumpy shell of a kid that only wanted to lie down.  Oy.

However, he also has developed a new and awful habit of putting his fingers in his mouth at almost all times, so he could have easily picked up some yucky virus at the doctor’s office.  Especially as he and his sister crawled over every conceivable surface of that room.

At what age does all of the ickiness go away?  At what point in this whole parenting thing can I stop obsessing about every little headache, fever or complaint about a hurt tummy as a sign of the Second Coming of Debilitating Household Sickness that will plague us all for weeks?  


  1. Oh yuck. I’m so sorry to hear your little guy is sick. It’s always so terrible when kids get sick, you feel so bad for them :(

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    Thanks, Jenn. He seems totally fine today, so it must just have been the vaccine. Stupid shots.

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    Big kid sturdiness creeps up on you. Our pediatrician moved and as I was scheduling a check-up for Matt with a new doc I surprised myself, and the nurse, with the fact that I could not remember the last time Matt was sick. It’s been two years since he’s been to the doctor, so 7-ish is my answer to your question.

    So glad I found your blog! Lots of love!

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    Let me qualify that with yes, he’s puked and run low-grade fevers in the last 2 years, but nothing memorable or requiring a doctor visit. :)

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    SU! So glad you’re here! Ah…so there’s hope for us after all, eh? I’ve heard that the more they’re sick when they’re younger, the more they’re healthier when their older, or something like that. Hoping that’s true! I believe we might be headed your way sometime in August…hopefully we can hook up!


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