Down in it…

Today was a rough day…well, maybe not the whole day, but the first half was utter crap.  I woke up feeling exhausted and hit with the cold I’ve been trying to escape from just about everyone in my family and K’s company.  And that funky mood followed me around all morning and most of the afternoon.  Rehearsal only brought out the worst in me.  Decisions were made that I passively was a part of, and now that I didn’t make my concerns known, I’m stuck in a hard place.  It’s my own fault, really, for not stepping up and vocalizing more adamantly what I wanted and didn’t want.  Once I fell in to that tar pit of gloom, it was impossible to pull myself out of it.  And every thing that occurred for the rest of the day just exacerbated my foul mood. 

Thankfully, my friend M knows what kind of work I’ve been doing on myself, and gave me a verbal slap in the face.  M is a tell-it-like-it-is kind of gal, and I love that about her.  She reminded me that my ego loves misery and feeds off of it; that the things I’m telling myself are lies and fodder for negative thinking.  It was the exact thing I needed to hear at that moment and it shook me out of my funk so that I was able to get on with my day.  In the end, I had a great afternoon with the kids and everything went so smoothly that I almost didn’t want the kids to go to bed.  Wait, did I just say that?  I did say almost.

What do YOU do to pull yourself out of a bad day and turn it around?

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  1. We all need friends like M to give it to us like nobody else would every once in a while. Just not at the wrong times! Ha! But you’re such a trooper!

    Lexie Lane

  2. So true, Lexie!

  3. Hi! I just joined your blog. Now I’m already giving you advice like a know-it-all, but I hope to get to know you better through your blog.

    I drink one extra cup of coffee (2 total), dress in something really comfortable and cute and just get busy. I also make sure to take my supplements and vitamins, drink more water and try to stretch here and there and eat better. Moods are usually hormonal and exercise helps me the most. A good sleep is the key ingredient. It will pass.

  4. How awesome to have a friend like that … tell the truth we need to hear!

    As for getting out of a funk … I get busy and pray a lot. Also, my husband is always a good listener. And a good laugh during one of our favorite TV shows on NetFlix usually does the trick.

    Thanks for visiting Snapshots … it’s fun to meet a fellow Coloradoan. :)

  5. Kristin – water and nutrition…so key! And yet, they always seem to be the first to go south when I’m stressed. Drinking decaf green tea now and hoping to hit the sack early. Thanks for stopping by!

    Morgan – Thanks for the advice. I think Modern Family tonight might just pull me out of it!

  6. Thank’s for following me. I’m following you back:)

  7. I read, listen to music and/or talk to my hubby… Those thing usually help me feel much much better! Especially getting out of the house and going out to dinner or something with my hubby… That always helps!

    It’s really good that you have a friend like M!
    I’m glad that your day turned out better that it had started! :)


  8. Shar, I think I need a theme song! One that will pull me out of a funk in an instant…

  9. I think yesterday was just the day for funk! I am glad you were able to snap out of it and enjoy your day with the kids.

    Thank you for following my blog. I am returning the love.


  10. Hi! Found you through a blog hop and am now following you on GFC. Come and say ‘Hi!’ at Have a lucky day!

  11. Hey there, Vanessa! Thanks for hopping by! Returning the favor…

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